Lionel Messi Can Earn How Much When Join Man City [1]

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Lionel Messi Can Earn How Much When Join Man City [1]

LIONEL MESSI agreed a record £623M deal to join Man City in this season. The Barcelona Captain 33-year-old will leave Barcelona in this month after he requested to leave Barcelona by a fax.

Here's how much Lionel Messi will earn from the new deal

How much Lionel Messi will earn from Man City

  • Based on Record Sport, Lionel Messi has agreed a five year contract with Manchester City with total € 700 millions (~£ 623 millions). This is amazing deal which we cannot believe that Lionel Messi will be come the highest paid football player in the history.
  • After calculation, Messi will earn around £14,200 per hour, £ 341,000 per day, and £ 2.4 millions every week. So, Messi will earn total £10.4 millions in one month. As the planned, Leo Messi will play 3 seasons for Manchester City. After that, Messi will join New York City, a part of City Football Group’s Major League Soccer, for 2 years.
  • Upcoming dates, Lionel Messi join Man City
  • After defected Bayern Munich with result 2-8, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner has requested to leave Barcelona free in this season by faxing in the night.
  • Ronald Koeman, new Barcelona Manager has said that Messi will be the key play in Barcelona if he’s stay at club. However, Messi’s friend, Luis Suares will not in a plan of Ronald Koeman.

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